Athletic Band Director

Dr. Smith is as passionate about his private studio teaching as he is directing Athletic Bands.  At Campbell, he is in charge of the Sound of the Sandhills Marching Band, making its debut in 2018, and the Fighting Camel Pep Band.  Dr. Smith has been a successful marching band arranger, adjudicator, and clinician.  His arrangements have been heard in many different high school groups, as well as at UNC Greensboro and Campbell University.  He has worked with bands all across the United States.

A link to the Official YouTube Channel of the Campbell University Marching Band can be found here.

In my groups, I am an avid user of technology in the marching arts, and uses technology throughout his teaching.  Whether it is music, drill, information, or other aspects of the band, I try as much as possible to think of the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver information to people.  I highly recommend that groups of all sizes and scopes utilize many of the new ways that information can be delivered to students via technology.

In November, I presented at the North Carolina Music Education Conference on the use of technology in the marching arts.  For more information on this clinic, please check the NCMEA Conference Schedule.

In addition to my passion for the inclusion of technology, I am also passionate about leadership training.  In my previous experience in the business world, I attended many different leadership sessions, which are the basis for many of my concepts in leadership. One of my favorite quotes I use often when discussing leadership is:

You are not here to just get by. You are here to live life with EXCELLENCE.
The whole world is lifted higher by those who choose to create EXCELLENCE.
Be a source of relentless EXCELLENCE and TRULY make a DIFFERENCE.

Dana Messina, Former CEO of Steinway Musical Instruments.

No matter what major or career path people take, people who lifted others to excellence make a huge difference in the world.  Using many different techniques and concepts, I can help your program make a difference and live life with excellence.

Please Contact Me if you are interested in finding out more about my leadership training, music arranging, or technology use in athletic bands.