Andrew Smith is an active educator with interests in a wide array of subjects.  Information on his Studio Teaching or his Athletic Band information can be found by clicking the link.

Some of the areas that I have taught:

  • Applied Tuba Lessons
  • Applied Euphonium Lessons
  • Applied Trombone Lessons
  • The Sound of the Sandhills Marching Band
  • Fighting Camel Basketball Band
  • Marching Band Methods
  • Music Appreciation
  • Music Theory – Forms and Analysis
  • The Orchestration of Music
  • Introduction to World Music

My overall philosophy of teaching is to develop students that are well-rounded leaders, who are thoughtful, flexible, and able ton contribute to our society both musically and via other methods.  My students are inspired, passionate, and good decision makers, who are able to succeed in their given field of service to the community, both on a local and global level.

Successful leaders are those who can create clear goals and plans, develop a strategic plan to help achieve their goals, and to limit distractions that take focus away from their vision toward their goals.

For more information on my teaching philosophy or other interests in music, please contact me via the contact form.